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Isolation ward Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

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After completion of the necessary tests by HT Group, the isolation ward at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta can start its operation.

Following the completion of the installation, HT Group has carried out the necessary tests on the isolation station so the operation of the High Degree Infectious Unit (HDIU) could be started.

The isolation of infectious patients from patients with highly contagious diseases which have a high mortality rate, requires the highest standards in design and construction of appropriate interior facilities. To prevent epidemics in Malta, HT Group built such an isolation ward in the existing building at the Mater Dei Hospital.

Design and realization include the complete solutions for transport of patients, nurses and doctors, as well as material, test samples and contaminated waste. A working solution for room disinfection must also be taken into account. HEPA filter systems integrated into the ceiling, manufactured by HT Group, have been used, which is forming the containment barrier of the ventilations system. The user is impressed by the high quality of the overall solution and the achieved tightness of the containment.    

The required final tests include a room tightness test according to VDI 2083, sheet 19 of the containment, as well as the validation of the disinfection shower.

Claus Schweinheim, Managing Director of HT Lab Tec GmbH, is pleased that the HT Group is very well established in the field of isolation wards worldwide and sees further incoming orders in this area.