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Maintenance / Service / Spare parts

We know our self-developed and produced room solutions, technical products and systems down to the last detail. With systematic maintenance and care, we help you to maintain the value of your buildings and facilities, extend their service life and avoid costly repairs. Our room solutions are convertible and adapt to your new requirements over the years with little effort. Our doors can be completely revised.

Our continuous documentation from planning through production to assembly can guarantee that our customers can still obtain spare parts or expand room solutions even decades later.

Regular maintenance reduces downtime and running costs remain low. With an HT maintenance contract, you receive the greatest possible security in accordance with the applicable EKAS guidelines.

At the same time, we determine the need for modernisation and offer you sensible technical upgrades at special conditions in good time. In the event of a service call, we clarify the causes through defined processes and guarantee you fast response times. The availability of spare parts even in times of just-in-time makes us independent of suppliers. As a full service partner, we also supply you with spare parts for the suppliers we use from a single source.

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