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BIM project process and BIM project planning

Access to building information is crucial for the successful planning, execution and operation of a building. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the digital future of construction and project management. From planning to handover and the subsequent management process of the building, all work processes are digitalised, structured and rationalised in BIM.

This not only provides cost and planning security, but also minimises project risks and reduces construction times. Process transparency in BIM improves communication between all parties involved and contributes to the smooth performance of projects. Thus, the complex projects in the hospital and research sector with their growing requirements remain manageable. For example, 3D collision checks in BIM support automatic detection of planning errors, conflicts or gaps.

All sides also benefit from the production in our factory and the subsequent assembly on site by risk minimisation in the construction phase through the continuous availability of all current and relevant data. The collected data will later be used by the operators of the buildings for property management, maintenance or conversion work up to dismantling and disposal.

BIM project process at HT Group

• Draft and planning
• 3D planning and rendering
• Specialist planning
  with detailed knowledge of the products

• Interface BIM model to production   
• Digitised production
• Our own product portfolio  
• Constructive influence for special solutions

• GPS-supported mounting
• BIM workstations for paperless construction site
• Mobile access to the project platform always ensures up-to-date planning status

• Digital maintenance plans and service intervals
• Operation and maintenance relevant data linked in the model
• Conditions for future adjustments are in place


Further services of the HT Group in the field of project development