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HT Group solutions in the field of BUILDING SOLUTIONS

Modular construction methods allow cost reduction at every stage of the manufacturing process thanks to standardized prefabrication under strict quality control:

  • savings on materials in the procurement phase
  • more targeted use and utilization of labor in the prefabrication phase
  • more efficient installation thanks to the standardization of components
  • clearly defined interfaces on the construction site

Shortened construction time

Because prefabrication of modular buildings and foundation work can be carried out simultaneously on the construction site and installation is much faster than with conventional construction methods, projects can be completed 50 to 60% faster. In addition, because a significant portion of the work is performed in the factory, the risk of weather-related delays is reduced. 

Environmental compatibility and sustainability aspect

Modular construction is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods. We manufacture our modules in an enclosed factory building. Materials used in the production of modules, such as wood, concrete, metal and glass, are natural or recyclable and can be returned to the raw material cycle.

By shifting much of the construction activity to prefabrication at the factory, construction waste is avoided and disruption from noise and air pollution is significantly reduced at the construction site.