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RESEARCH – Solutions and products at a glance

Our modular system design stands for a unique combination of quality, innovation and flexibility that allows for customer-specific adjustments or upgrades at any time.

High quality standards are fulfilled, prefabricated modules are tailored to your needs, and the integration of new systems and equipment can be done quickly and easily at any time.

Our company specialises, in particular, in the high demands of the risk groups at safety levels 3 and 4 and of epidemic treatment centres and isolation areas.

Depending on the function and the laws, safety guidelines and regulations that apply to it, the construction and safety-related requirements for a laboratory area differ. The experts at HT consult and work together with architects, planning specialists and 
customers on an overall concept in order to design buildings to be flexible, user-oriented and safe.

Products of the HT Group at a glance


Wall systems

Individual panels in modular design; individual panels can easily be removed subsequently. Certificates: Hygiene, radiation, fire, noise and heat protection, as well as leak.

Ceiling systems and illuminators

fulfil all requirements of a laboratory environment in terms of hygiene, tightness and surface quality. Recessed cleanroom luminaires are the perfect complement to the modular wall and ceiling system.

Door systems

are manufactured in our own production centre. In addition to tightness, the doors can also meet the highest requirements for fire, sound and radiation protection and are certified accordingly.

Gas-tight sluice systems

Various types of gas-tight sluice systems – for the separation of laboratory and contaminated research area, with disinfection process (personnel and material). An autoclave provides reliable cleaning for all waste produced.


Installations and media supply

Media are introduced into the containment with special sealing systems. These sealing systems ensure that no pathogens can escape.


is equipped with fire and radiation protection as required. The glazing is sealed similar to the wall system. Certification with fire and radiation protection is a special feature.

Floor systems

The conductive, heavy-duty high-tech vinyl flooring system with non-porous surface perfectly meets the requirements for laboratory, ESD and hospital areas.

Filter and ventilation equipment

All components in the ventilation area are designed to meet the safety requirements. Supply and exhaust air connections to ensure a closed room system and to prevent air exchange.