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Our contribution to environmental protection

The aim is to document and certify the potential environmental impact of all products on the basis of a life cycle assessment. EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) offer transparency and are recognised as an international communication tool.

Steel is the only true "cradle-to-cradle" recycled material.

Sustainable and reusable materials, prefabrication under optimised conditions and certified products and room solutions are our answer to the economic challenges of the future.

The primary objective is to handle all resources responsibly and respectfully and thus to continuously improve the environmental aspects. By working in a way that is conscious of every detail and in line with environmental guidelines, we are helping to preserve our natural resources for the future and to create something lasting for society in the future.



  • 20% of plastic waste in the EU comes from construction
  • 30-40% of plastic waste is generated compared to the volume of the building


OUR ANSWER: Sustainable and reusable materials

  • Prefabrication under optimised conditions
  • Certified products and room solutions