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HEALTH – Solutions and products at a glance

Our modular system design stands for a unique combination of quality, innovation and flexibility that allows for customer-specific adjustments, upgrades and the integration of new equipment at any time.

High quality standards are fulfilled, prefabricated modules are tailored to your needs, and the integration of new systems and equipment can be done quickly and easily at any time.

Products of the HT Group at a glance

Imagebild Wandsysteme

Wall systems

made of metal, glass or impact-resistant materials. A high standard of aesthetics in accordance with functionality, innovative detailed solutions for all installations, open for the integration of new systems.


Ceiling systems and illuminators

HT ceiling systems and illuminators are individually planned and adjusted to suit the space requirements of our customers.


Hinged door systems

are manufactured to the highest quality and in custom designs in our own production centre.


Sliding door systems

sophisticated systems made to measure are manufactured to the highest quality and in custom designs in our own production centre in Heideck, Germany.



optionally equipped with fire and radiation protection. Room-high glass walls in modular design enable patients to be optimally observed.


Medical installations

with highest hygiene standards as a result of the flush installation of equipment, such as monitors or media flaps. Easy and convenient cleaning with all commonly used cleaning agents and disinfectants.


Scrubs furniture

made from a combination of stainless steel with a special mineral composite which meets all hygienic requirements and blends aesthetically into the system.


Cabinet systems

are evenly integrated into the wall surface and may be fitted with noise and radiation protection upon request.


IT solutions

cross-department communication and efficient data exchange – image data, audio and video communication, as well as scanners or MRI control


Air conditioning & ventilation

ventilating ceilings and ventilation shafts integrated into the ceiling and wall systems

GMP material sluice

Controlled transfer between cleanrooms with GMP classification. Application in GMP labs, pharmaceutical production, life science operations, chemical areas and food industry.