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CARE – Solutions and products at a glance

Functionality, flexibility and profitability characterise the modular systems of the HT sanitary solutions. The modular design enables the sanitary rooms to be configured and adapted in many diverse ways, allowing them to be modified to suit the individual requirements of the customers and users with regard to room size, design and equipment, for example. The planning and production of the modules is carried out on a project-by-project basis. Individual room and module elements are delivered to the construction site and assembled within a few hours into an innovative overall solution.

CARE: Products of the HT Group at a glance


Patient bathroom

Patient bathroom as a factory-made room system. Delivered in single components and mounted on-site.


Wall systems

made of metal, glass or impact-resistant materials. A high standard of aesthetics in accordance with functionality, innovative detailed solutions for all in


Door systems

are manufactured to the highest quality and in custom designs in our own production centre.



optionally equipped with fire and radiation protection. Room-high glass walls in modular design enable patients to be optimally observed.


Healing light

Healing light concept to support the natural sleep-wake rythm with a circadian course in ICU's.


Bedpan washer

Automatic bedpan washer for thermal cleaning and infection of common care utensils. Available as a floor standing unit or flush mounted in the wall system.


Ceiling-mounted patient hoists

Ceiling mounted patient lift system to support the staff for transport and mobilization of patients.


Care cabinets

Functional furniture flush in the wall system and cozy furniture with feel-good character.

Fast Track Isolation Ward

Turnkey isolation ward for the treatment of patients with highly infectious diseases and integrated analytical laboratory equipment.

Ventilation Care Wards

Flush mounted filter and ventilation systems.

Air purifier system Upwind 900

Complete filter and ventilation system for retrofitting in closed rooms in which several people are staying.