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IT solutions

The room control system enables the operation and display of parameters and information which are relevant for the monitoring and control of the room functions in the OR and laboratory sector. It enables operators of hospitals and laboratories to sustainably handle energy and power resources and coordinate the appropriate tasks.

The system essentially consists of a central functional unit to which a monitor system, including touch functions, is connected. The room control is based on a modular hardware and software structure. This permits a flexible system arrangement of the functional unit and its extensions according to requirements. The monitor unit is integrated into the HT wall system and thus provides a user interface directly within the user‘s  working area. The design of the user interface is in accordance with the so-called „TAPCARD“ concept.


Room control

HT Control functions at a glance


Central control

Hygienic installation is combined with intuitive user operation which can be adjusted flexibly and individually. The functions of HT Control are clearly structured into functional areas. A large selection of international language versions is available.

Standard functions of HT Room Control

  • Home
  • Time
  • Light
  • Doors
  • Atmosphere
  • Alarm
... ...


Time management

  • Time (displays current time)
  • Timer (stopwatch function: start, stop, reset)
  • Elapsed time (start, stop, set and reset values)

With functions such as a time display, stopwatch and elapsed time,
HT Control provides the required information and

... ...


Mechanical room function

HT Control enables the central control of door and window functions – both individually and in groups. Access control and visual protection are provided in medical operations through elements such as Venetian blinds/roller blinds or LC glass.

  • Control of doors and windows
  • Control of Venetian blinds/roller blinds and LC glass
  • Individual control and group control
  • Central lock function
... ...


Room climate parameters

Visualisation of different parameters and ability to enter set values Clear display and control of frequently used parameters such as

  • Temperature: Set point input and actual value display
  • Relative humidity and air quality (e.g. CO2): Actual value display
  • Air differential pressure values: Actual value display
  • Ventilation: Set point input and actual value display

Exchange of parameters between the HT Control system and a corresponding air conditioning system provided by customer. The communication with the afore-mentioned systems requires a dedicated cable connection for each parameter. To this end, the The HT Control System uses floating-contact digital inputs and outputs.

Comprehensive monitoring and regulation of the climate values in an OR is possible by taking customer-specific requirements into account. HT Control can be connected with both on-site sensor systems and internal system components to record values. These sensors are positioned in the area of the exhaust air ducts. The actual value recording for the control of the air conditioning system must be performed using sensors provided by the customer.

... ...


Specific alarm signals in the OR area.

  • Control of alarm signals for specific OR applications
  • Alarm – Laser application
  • Alarm – diagnostic systems (X-ray, MRI)

Alarms can be activated individually at various locations in the external area of the OR. They are controlled via dedicated cable connections. The visual protection is automatically lowered upon activation of the laser warning. Both warnings may be combined with the control of further external functions.

... ...


Standard lighting control

The Light function enables the central control of the illumination systems in the OR.

  • Central operation of the room lighting (white)
  • Variable brightness setting
  • RGB room light (in combination with the Lighting function)
  • PRESET functions for lighting scenes (in combination)
  • Operation of OR field illuminators (ON/OFF) via control contacts (low voltage)
... ...


Important parameters at a glance

  • Optical and acoustic alarms
  • Electric alarms
  • Alarms for gas media
  • Alarms from the air conditioning system
  • Support for a standard set-up of up to 14 alarm functions

HT Control supports communication with the building management system. Up to 14 signals can be transmitted and displayed on the HT Control user interface as warning or alarm information, or provided as test functions using buttons. The relevant signals have to be provided by or exchanged with the building management system.

Medical staff are therefore notified in the room regarding deviations and failures in important room functions within the electrical, IT, gas and air-conditioning systems through visual and acoustic alarms.

The communication with the afore-mentioned systems requires a dedicated cable connection for each parameter. To this end, the The HT Control System uses floating-contact digital inputs and outputs. Project-specific adjustments are possible in order to take into account individual requirements.

... ...


The integrated sound system

HT Sound is a sound system that can be controlled via HT Touch. The system allows the playback of standard audio formats. Individual mobile sound systems can be connected by means of an external AUX IN connection unit. Sound is played back via a BOSE sound system, comprising an amplifier unit and speakers integrated in the ceiling. The positive working environment for staff is supported through playback of individual audio data.

Increase concentration and reduce stress, fear and pain

  • Ceiling-mounted BOSE sound system with 2 loudspeakers
  • 1 BOSE amplifier unit
  • Variable volume setting
  • Option to connect a standard audio player for playback of audio files
  • Connection to the audio system via AUX IN

Optional functions

  • System expansion up to 4 speakers
  • Additional BOSE amplifier unit
  • Bluetooth connection upon request

Docking station with AUX IN connection unit (wall-mounted):
Stainless steel storage for standard commercial media players

Fold-out media station with AUX IN connection unit
Fold-out media station integrated into the HT wall system with tray option for standard-size media players (iPhone format)

... ...


Powerful communication

Professional exchange during treatment, problem-free communication, undisturbed work flow. The Phone application enables communication with any connections within the hospital telephone system and outside it. Communication in the OR takes place using microphone units. Sound is played using HT Sound via the loudspeakers installed in the ceiling.

  • Communication with external locations
  • Connection to the hospital’s central telecommunications system via an analogue telephone interface
  • VoIP-based communication is possible using the hospital’s internal SIP interface
  • Operation using speed-dialling keys and a number pad on the HT Touch
  • Conventional function structure of the telecommunication system (number pad, call button, call acceptance)
  • 16 speed-dialling buttons

Required additional functions

  • HT Sound
  • Microphone for fixed installation on the wall system
  • Mobile radio microphone (wireless microphone solution)
... ...


Inside the OR

User scenarios can be selected using the HT PHONE application.

  • Coordination of resources
    Via wall-mounted microphone solution and ceiling speaker
  • Telephone conference
    Communication via clip-on microphone solution and ceiling speaker
  • Private conversation of surgeon
    Communication via headset combination


Integrated solution HT PHONE/HT SOUND

  • Interface with hospital telecommunication system
  • Analogue – direct connection
  • IP-based – via national SIP interface (provided by customer)
... ...