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Seminar: Light in intensive care units

study.svg 19. - 20. October 2020 Care |

Seminar: Light in intensive care units
Organized by: German LabConCert GmbH
Location: Hilpoltstein

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Over the past years, science has greatly expanded our insights into the influence of light on chronobiological processes in the human organism.
It is beginning to emerge that these new insights also offer relevant relevant approaches to the treatment of patients in intensive care units with regard to an improvement or organizational flows and technical solutions.

  • The seminar ties in with the current status of research and examines:
  • The biological and physical bases,
  • The clinical importance of the circadian clock,
  • The special aspects to be observed for elderly patients, especially with regard to delirium,
  • The tension field of lighting for patients vs. lighting for nursing staff,
  • The lessons to be learnt for hospital planning, especially with regard to intensive care units.

After the lecture part, there will be the opportunity to discuss technical solutions.
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