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Recovery area and intensive care units

The intensive care unit is a highly equipped area and one of the most cost-intensive parts of the hospital. Induction rooms and recovery areas, also referred to as holding areas, are an integral part of the OR area and therefore located in close proximity. The same is true for intensive care, which may follow immediately after surgery. All these areas must fulfil specific medical, therapeutic and nursing functions, and comply with the requirements of infection prevention and hospital hygiene.

This calls for special room concepts with nursing stations and observation bays that enable intensive medical monitoring by nursing staff and, at the same time, provide the possibility to perform minor medical procedures.

With its modular room solutions and doors, made of glass, for example, HT offers a wide range of design options while meeting all hygiene requirements placed on such areas. Attractive colour and lighting concepts create a sense of well-being for nursing staff and patients. The modular design provides the hospital with the maximum flexibility for expansion regarding future modifications and changes of use.

For more information on intensive care, intermediate care and isolation rooms please refer to Care sector. HT also offer solutions for isolation wards with increased hygiene requirements (levels 3 and 4) for the isolation of highly infectious patents with life-threatening diseases (e.g. Lassa fever, Marburg virus, smallpox etc.) or for intensive therapy of patients with extremely severe burns. For more information please refer to the Research section.

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