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Operating rooms

Operating rooms are among the most demanding and complex areas of a hospital. This is not just because of the interdisciplinary work flows and the high hygiene and infection prevention requirements, but also because the flows of patients, staff and material from sterile and contaminated environments meet in an operating room.

Operating rooms are highly equipped areas with electricity, video and data lines, medical gases and sometimes also special ventilation systems. Moreover, innovative surgical methods and the advances in medical technology result in constantly changing requirements with regard to work processes and room concepts, as well as cost efficiency aspects.

Therefore, the flexibility required to accommodate future modifications must be considered as early as the planning phase of OR areas. Alongside the structural, hygienic and medical aspects which must be taken into account during the concept development for an OR department, the ergonomic requirements to be met by the workplaces in an operating room must also be considered.

HT provides support to architects, medical technology planners, doctors and operators as early as the preparation of such measures with its expertise acquired in more than 7,000 projects completed worldwide. With our modular room solutions, we implement flexible and forward-looking operating room solutions in cooperation with major manufacturers of medical technology for OR equipment – from stand-alone, ambulatory ORs, to fully equipped surgery departments including ventilation technology and room control – on schedule and on budget.

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