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Hybrid operating rooms

The advances of information and medical technology and the presence of increasingly sophisticated, minimally invasive surgical methods in combination with intra-operative imaging is giving rise to hybrid ORs equipped with angiography systems, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

Ever more operating methods are being developed that require (sometimes three-dimensional) imaging technologies to simultaneously enable diagnosis, surgical procedures and success monitoring. Furthermore, such a room can be used not only as an OR with intra-operative imaging but also in a hybrid manner to increase its efficiency – namely as both an operating room and a purely diagnostic area.

In comparison to normal OR areas, the planning and realisation of hybrid rooms is particularly complex as it must also take into account the requirements of diagnostic systems, especially with regard to radiation protection, high-frequency shielding, soundproofing and additional spaces for checks, diagnosis and technology. HT cooperates with all leading manufacturers of imaging systems to create the best possible working environment for doctors, surgeons and nurses. Our modular room system allows for flexible, forward-looking planning and realisation of complex hybrid rooms.

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