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GMP laboratories in hospitals

In a hospital, GMP laboratories are often located in close proximity to the clinical wards. They focus primarily on in-hospital pharmacies for the production of individual patient pharmaceutical products, the production of radioactive active and diagnostic substances or IVF. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) covers guidelines such as the EU GMP for quality assurance of production procedures and environments in the manufacture of medicinal and active pharmaceutical therapeutic products. Quality assurance plays a key role in this area, as any deviations in quality can have direct effects on the product and on patients' health.

As such, certain room requirements compliant with GMP need to be met, i.e. laboratory rooms must meet classes D to A according to EU GMP or other cleanliness requirements according to ISO 14644. Examples include the implementation of suitable pressure levels and modular room systems with correspondingly hygienic and smooth surfaces. With its expertise in this research area, HT can support you in this process from planning to implementation.

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