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Emergency rooms and diagnostic areas

In an emergency room, the efficiency and speed of work flows are of particular importance. Patient flows must be channelled to minimise waiting times, and emergencies must be transferred to subsequent hospital processes right after triage.

Emergency rooms, too, are being equipped with more and more medical technology. Many hospitals have shock rooms equipped with computed tomography scanners for the primary care and diagnosis of patients with very severe injuries. They also allow small, immediately necessary interventions to be performed. HT solutions are characterised by ergonomic design and highest hygiene standards, for example by the integration of cabinet systems and medical equipment into its room solutions.

In diagnostic areas, functional design is essential. Important factors for their planning and realisation are radiation protection, high-frequency shielding, soundproofing and additional spaces for control, diagnosis and technology. The modular room system by HT makes a hospital particularly flexible because rooms can be subsequently opened up to replace large diagnostic systems easily and without any great construction effort

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