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University Hospital – Erlangen Germany, Erlangen

The most modern operating room in the world, the latest equipment and state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures – the University Hospital Erlangen with its 24 clinics, 19 departments and 7 institutes covers all areas of medicine. The buildings of the university clinic are predominantly located in the Erlangen Castle Gardens and accommodate more than 1300 beds. Teaching, research and health care are linked at the highest level. Erlangen research results set global standards in prevention, diagnostics and therapy. The latest HT Cover system supports the patients´ bio rhythm and is used to positively influence and accelerate the recovery process of ICU patients and prevent or affect the phase of delirium.


Project teamProject management:
Andreas Hammerbacher / Stefan Eigner, HT Group
SolutionCircadian lighting; treatment light, RGB corona light,
e.g. night-light function or ambient light, selectable lighting scenes