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Perfect planning from the very beginning

Right from the planning stage all requirements will be taken into account and integrated into the planning process. All project requirements such as architecture, building services, medical engineering, IT or safety engineering are taken into account right from the planning stage. Trained skilled staff with many years of experience are responsible for planning at HT Group. Technical expertise, reliable working practices and specific planning experience are thus combined to provide perfect results. 

Our solutions – 

holistic consulting

To equip a hospital or laboratory area requires thorough planning. The functions, pathways and logistics vary according to the number of rooms, their distribution and size.
In order to organise the work in a hospital or laboratory as efficiently as possible certain aspects of the planning must be taken into account. Through decades of planning experience with the most varied of demands HT Group is able to offer
excellent advice for integrated conceptual planning
in the clean room sector. 

Equipment consulting

Holistic room concepts

Each of the requirements should be planned in advance according to the future use of a room.
For example, if a hybrid OR is planned, it is necessary to plan the room size, its construction, design and the adjoining rooms. The material and the protection requirements, such as increased radiation protection, must also be taken into account. The appropriate devices, light scenarios and installation modules must be selected in line with the requirements as well as the feed and exhaust air required for hygiene purposes. 

A similar procedure is necessary for laboratories in order to be able to safely carry out later research. Spatial separation and autonomous handling must be taken into consideration at the very beginning of the planning. 

A holistic room concept is thus drawn up before the construction stage to guarantee ideal processes and functions for the future. 

construction engineering consulting

Safety guaranteed

// X-ray protection
// Electromagnetic shielding
// Noise protection
// Fire protection
// Tightness
// Hygiene

Comprehensive consulting

Your partner for all aspects

Whether it is basic planning, expert planning, project management or after sales service. Your partner for comprehensive consulting on planning is the HT Group. Our specialists can advise you from our company headquarters or directly on site. We will be happy to support you before commencement of construction with advice on construction engineering matters, complex room structuring or design questions. We are your skilled project manager, supervisor and fitter for the construction stage. And after this we will be happy to take care of qualification, validation, service and maintenance. 

HT Group – your partner for all aspects of the life cycle of a hospital or laboratory. 


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling provides new approaches for the planning and realisation of both construction projects and the operation of buildings. 
The HT Group supports users of the BIM method with modules and interfaces in the planning. Our BIM components are being continuously developed and adjusted to the latest state of technology. Revit components for your BIM model can be requested using the following contact form. ?We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of BIM planning.

Revit-Part for BIM-Model