Production equipment

Computer-controlled precision

Quality, flexibility and productivity are the challenges which we must meet on a daily basis. Through continuous investment in our modern machinery we constantly ensure that we have the latest technology at the highest quality level. Only in this way are we able to meet the high demands placed by both our customers and by ourselves.


The PSBB production line forms the focal point in our sheet metal processing production building. It processes raw sheet metal fully automatically from an automated warehouse into finish bent quality parts. Its name gives an indication of the extent of its functions: PSBB stands for punching – shearing – buffering – bending.

Quick reaction times are expected nowadays in modern production. Machines must be flexible and extremely quick in order to be able to react immediately to production orders – not unusually in small quantities. With the aid of the automated central warehouse integrated into the production line
these requirements can be met, as the so-called night-train warehouse can provide various materials as required and without delay.
In addition, the warehouse acts as an intermediate buffer for stacked parts and thus the material flows from the warehouse and directly from the cutting head to the bending process, improving the utilisation of the bending cell. 

In combination with an automated central warehouse, the PSBB line is the perfect solution for the unsupervised production of even complex parts from various materials which can be automatically changed by program control. The sheets are transported to a combined punching and shearing machine.
After punching/shearing, a portal robot takes the parts and stacks them in a buffer store from where they are then moved to an automated bending cell. Optionally, the parts can also be transferred directly via conveyor belts to the bending process.


// automated information flow from programming to
   the generation of production reports
   (monitoring of an order up to the delivery chain)
// fully automated production steps
// fully automated materials handling with intelligent buffering
// minimum time required for manufacture, maximum
    operating life of the production equipment
// optimum value flow from raw material to completed parts

Punching-shearing combination

The punching-shearing centre is designed for the automatic machining of sheet metal. The CNC-controlled punching-shearing combination enables the inexpensive production of small and medium-sized batch lots. The highest level of process and machining security is achieved thanks to the high amount of automation and precise sensor equipment. Top-quality, scratch-free punching and forming is thus enabled.


Working area:4000 x 1500 mm
Material thicknesses:Steel up to 4 mm; stainless steel up to 3 mm; aluminium up to 5 mm

Automated central warehouse and portal robot

The two line units of the automated central warehouse with its loading and unloading units,
its 317 warehouse spaces and the portal robot are the key modules for the automation of the material flow.
They supply various materials quickly and practically to the machining location and can also act both as an intermediate store
for finished parts and as a buffer. The punching-shearing combination and the bending cell are both connected to the system. 

CNC bending cell

Modern sheet metal machining also demands extensive expertise for the bending process. The CNC bending cell enables
the highly precise manufacturing of both simple and extremely complex bending parts.
The high level of automation increases our competitiveness.


Working area:3250 x 1500 mm
Material thicknesses:Steel up to 2.5 mm; stainless steel up to 2 mm; aluminium up to 3 mm 

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling provides new approaches for the planning and realisation of both construction projects and the operation of buildings. 
The HT Group supports users of the BIM method with modules and interfaces in the planning. Our BIM components are being continuously developed and adjusted to the latest state of technology. Revit components for your BIM model can be requested using the following contact form. ?We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of BIM planning.

Revit-Part for BIM-Model