A high standard of aesthetics in accordance with functionality. Innovative detailed solutions for all installations.

Certification for hygiene, fire, noise and X-ray protection as well as tightness.

Open for the integration of new systems. Flexibility in future developments within the medical sector and its associated engineering.
Simple, inexpensive installation. Recyclable and sustainable materials.

  • Substructure

    // Substructure/facing formwork
    // Substructure/double wall panel
  • Metal

    Wall panel

    // Stainless steel or galvanised steel facing formwork
    // Stainless steel or galvanised steel double wall panel/wall panel
  • Glass

    Wall panel

    // Glass facing formwork
    // Glass double wall panel/wall panel
    // Glass panel wall with optional LED-lighting in the upper section
  • Impact

    Wall panel

    // Impact facing formwork
    // Impact double wall panel/wall panel
  • Wall heating 

    // Wall heating in a panel system
    // Electrical wall heating in a panel system
  • Printed wall panels 

    // Individually printed wall panels
    // Customised room design
    // Latest digital printing technologies 
    // Extensive image catalogue with high-resolution images
        and vector graphics for individual designs



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We produce components from a batch size of one up in our processing centre, to the highest quality and in the shortest time.
The core of this plant is an automated steel sheet storage system which connects to a laser machine, a punching machine, a bending cell and
a number of bending presses. The overall productivity of the system has been able to be optimised by the additional use of loading and
unloading units.

In this way we are able to combine the latest levels of automation with the experience and quality awareness of our employees
and can thus meet the increased demands and challenges in our projects.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling provides new approaches for the planning and realisation of both construction projects and the operation of buildings. 
The HT Group supports users of the BIM method with modules and interfaces in the planning. Our BIM components are being continuously developed and adjusted to the latest state of technology. Revit components for your BIM model can be requested using the following contact form. ?We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of BIM planning.

Revit-Part for BIM-Model