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Upwind 900 - The new filter ventilation system should finally enable face-to-face teaching again

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With a concept for an effective filter system for rooms, OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the technology and space group OHB SE, and HT Group want to make a contribution to containing the corona virus: Upwind 900  is a retrofit kit that helps to reduce virus density (Corona and flu) and thus the risk of transmission in rooms can be reduced.

"We are using a vertical ventilation concept to quickly filter potentially virus-contaminated air and avoid uncontrolled mixing in the room," says Dr. Axel Müller, cleanliness expert at OHB System AG. No structural alterations are necessary for the installation of the retrofit kit.

With the help of test dummies, researchers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) examine the influence of the Upwind 900  filter ventilation system on the air flow in the room. The test dummies are able to deliver aerosols, simulate human saliva and have sensors in the area of ​​the nose. In this way it can be proven whether and how many particles arrive at the neighbouring manikin and how aerosols and saliva particles spread in the room. In current measurement campaign, it is investigated how various influences, such as wearing masks, change the air-flow situation.

The Upwind900  ventilation system keeps aerosols from spreading to a minimum. The ventilation concept is designed for seminar rooms or classrooms.

Working principle:

Low impulse filtered air is blown in on the floor, the air spreads on the floor in all directions like an ultra-pure air carpet. The incoming air pushes the aerosols upwards. The linear flow direction is reinforced by the heat radiation of the dummies, which simulate human body temperature. The air is extracted from the ceiling and discharged through a duct. All particles are filtered out via a fine dust pre-filter and HEPA H14 filter and blown back into the room from there creating an air cycle.


Video in German language