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Our new office building was set up in just 4 weeks


HT Group, a leader for total solutions in the field of health technology, care and research, can offer a prefabricated turn-key fast track solution.

The unique and flexible design concept allows an easy connection to an existing hospital building and avoids long time of construction and uncertainty as with classic buildings.

The building shell is based on a framework with prefabricated concrete or wooden elements which are combined according to the requirements. The completion of the interior will be done by the best-proven modular design.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bürogebäude Maxmodul

Time lapse video

3D Concept planning

Interior design

The building offers our business devision CARE a new working environment. 

The team of 6 members support our customers and projects in the design of patient rooms, intensive care and isolation areas up to the bed ward, integrated special solutions for patient baths and patient transport systems, as well as ventilation technology with our Upwind 900 system.

Upwind 900 - Filter ventilation system

The Upwind 900 filter and ventilation system is based on filter stages and ventilation principles commonly used in operating theatres and high-security laboratories. A laminar, upward-facing air flow can be used to extract virus-containing aerosols in the ceiling area. The exhaust air is fed back into the floor area via highly efficient HEPA H14 filters and a silencer.

Thus, potentially virus-affected breathing air can be effectively removed from all rooms occupied by several people. The system consists of a closed ventilation shaft placed at one end of the room and a duct system mounted on the ceiling.