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Successful delivery of the fully welded filter systems for biosafety laboratories by HT Group

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After completion of the factory acceptance test in the production facility in Heideck, the second batch of fully welded filter systems for a Dutch laboratory project is now ready for delivery for installation on the construction site.

The new HEPA filter housing from HT, Type BiBohightec is characterized by a corrosion-resistant, fully welded and gastight design and is used in supply and exhaust air systems to separate highly sensitive particles, such as microorganisms, for class 3 and 4 biosafety laboratories and meet the requirements of standards and guidelines for these areas.

The clamping device is operated from the outside and dimensioned in such a way that with maximum admissible loading of the filter elements and retreating sealing of the filter element due to e.g. aging, compliance with the tightness requirements according to DIN 25 496, Table 3, is ensured.

The new filter housing includes the following safety functions:

  • Check of the integrity of the filter element seal from the outside
  • In-situ leak measurement of the HEPA filter element in accordance with ISO 14644-3 with a fully automatic, movable scanner system
  • Contamination-free filter element exchange on the basis of bag-in-bag-out technology.
  • Monitoring of filter elements with pressure measuring devices, make Magnehelic.
  • Measuring pipes, which are protected against the spread of contamination by inline-filters.
  • Suitability and preparation for decontamination with disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide.
  • Double protection of connections of the housing secured against contamination spread to the outside, e.g. all particle measurement- and seal test connections are designed with manual ball valves and quick-release couplings.         

During the factory acceptance test, Claus Schweinheim, managing director of HT Lab Tec GmbH, explained that with further incoming orders, such as for laboratories in Taiwan and at the University of Gdansk, HT had successfully completed a global market introduction within a very short time.

As already published, the filter housing will be presented with a life-act as part of the 5th  International Conference on Biosafety and Laboratory Technology from November 29th to November 30th 2021 in Berching, Germany.

Further information about the international conference of the German LabConCert under the following link.