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Product news - HT Upwind 900

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At the beginning of the new school year, the increasing number of corona cases in many regions raises the question to what extent teaching can take place at our educational institutions.

The Technical University of Applied Sciences  Amberg-Weiden (OTH-AW) decided to preventively equip the lecture halls with an air purification system for the new semester, in order to be able to offer a minimum of classroom lectures even in times of pandemic.

The new air duct and filter concept was developed by a cooperation of OHB Systems AG and the HT Group – for rooms in which the recommended distance rules cannot be complied with at normal people density. This applies, for example, to classrooms, patient and waiting rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, open-plan offices, canteens or a wide range of other workplaces.

The Upwind 900 ventilation system is a complete filter and ventilation system for retrofitting in enclosed spaces.

Working principle:
Virus-containing aerosols can be extracted by a laminar, upward air flow in the ceiling area. The exhaust air is fed back into the floor area via highly efficient HEPA H14 filters and a silencer. In this way, potentially virus loaden air can be efficiently removed.

Product video air purifier Upwind 900