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HT Group delivers the HEPA filter housing for the extension of the carbogen AMCIS at Bubendorf facility in Switzerland

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As already successful delivered in 2018, HT Group also supplies the special filter housings for the extension of the Carbogen Amcis at Bubendorf facility in Switzerland.




The special filter housings are the products of the series type BIBOhightec. The filter housings developed by HT in 2018 are characterised by a gastight design according to DIN 25 496, the possibility of decontamination with H2O2, the possibility of performing an in-situ leak test of each filter element sealing and the testing of the HEPA filter elements according to ISO 14 644-3. If required, the user could replace the filter media according to a safe change technology ("Bag-In-Bag-Out"). The stainless steel exchange frames are welded to the filter housings.   

When the order was placed, the customer explained "that the HT Group was awarded the contract due to the quality of the filter housings already supplied to Carbogen Amcis".   

Claus Schweinheim, Managing Director of HT Lab Tec GmbH and responsible for the development of HEPA filter technology, explained that filter technology for the laboratory construction sector is another important component of HT's extensive range of products and services, as these form a part of the containment barrier.

HEPA filter housing, fabricate HT, type BIBOhightec

HEPA filter housing, fabricate HT, type BIBOhightec