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HT Group launches new training center and showroom in Moscow

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We are proud to inform you that we have opened our new training center and showroom in Moscow. The result is a magnificent facility that allows us to receive doctors of any level, including the administration of clinics, healthcare managers, as well as architects and technicians.


Together with our partner M.P.A. Medical Partners we present our modular room systems. Explore the solution for state-of-the-art healthcare areas: Fully installed operating room in stainless steel, with flush integration of screens, medical equipment, HT Control and cabinets. Further you will find door systems in stainless steel and in glass, different kind of wall panels, a mineral composite scrub module, laminar airflow ceiling and exhaust airshafts. 

The OR is equipped  with a DaVinci robotic-assisted surgery system of the latest generation.

A conference room where we can organize meetings with our clients is also available.

Please get in contact with us at to book an exclusive on-site OR presentation.

HT Group Showroom Moskau