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HT Group informs about the successful establishment of HEPA filter technology in their extended range of products and services

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As part of a product presentation, Thomas Fritsch, CEO HT Group, demonstrated the various solutions in HEPA filter technology and shown the huge range of possible applications.

Aim of the HT Group is to offer the entire range of products and services within the containment barrier of a biosafety laboratory, so that all customers have not to coordinate problematic interfaces and all system responsibility will be covered by one service provider only, who in addition to that also provide all required products from their his own production.

Regarding BSL-3/4 laboratory, the containment barrier is not only formed by modular wall and ceiling systems, doors, material and personnel locks, it also includes the supply air and exhaust air filters. For the last 3 years HT Group already focused its development in this field and developed various HEPA filter systems, fabricate HT Group, which are already in use in various applications worldwide.

Especially the retrofitting of existing buildings, do not allow enough space for a separate filter room to position the HEPA filter housing in. For such cases HT Group uses the ceiling-integrated HEPA filter system, type HT Clean, which is installed directly in the containment barrier and this offers considerable savings in the construction of a BSL-3 laboratories. The HEPA filters are equipped with gastight dampers, a seal test function and an insitu filter test measurement acc. to ISO 14 644-3. Because of the chosen system technology, the housing can be decontaminated by means of a H2O2-process without any problems.

For projects with e.g. new buildings offering an own HEPA filter plant room HT Group uses the HEPA filter system, fabricate BIBOhightec , which is available with various equipment features. The filter housing is characterized by a gastight design, e.g. according to DIN 25 496, the possibility of a decontamination with H2O2, possibility of a filter seal test for each filter element and an insitu test of the HEPA filter elements according to ISO 14 644-3. Furthermore, if required, the user can exchange the filter elements using the contamination-free exchange technology ("bag-in-bag-out"). The BiBo-frames for fixation of the plastic bag, made of stainless steel, are welded to the filter housing.

The presentation took place as part of a factory acceptance test and so all above mentioned features could be demonstrated in a life-act.


Thomas Fritsch, CEO HT Group, during the filter presentation