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HT Group expands its range of services in Research division by including cycle development and validation for decontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide

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In the future, after realizing complete laboratory solutions, HT Group will also be able to carry out cycle development and validation with H2O2 for laboratories, material locks and HEPA filter housings.

For this purpose, an extensive training course with the new mobile generator of Steris, which works on the basis of the proven and patented VHP© technology, took place in the innovation center in Heideck together with the specialist from Steris.

The HT service staff, under the direction of Josef Stadler, were instructed not only in the operation of the generator, but also in specific cycle development and validation skills, as well as in work safety and the handling of hydrogen peroxide. HT Group's innovation center in Heideck is equipped with a BSL-3 laboratory demonstration room, incl. a ventilation system to maintain a negative pressure, various HEPA filter housings, in fully welded and also modular design, as well as material transfer systems, so that the training could be carried out in a very practical manner.

"Aim for HT Group is to be a qualified partner for our customers in the field of research facilities, starting from project development, up to commissioning process and instruction of the operational staff, also for service and maintenance, as well as for periodical inspections," says Claus Schweinheim, managing director of HT Lab Tec GmbH. "With this additional service we have taken another step towards completing our scope in the market, especially for service and maintenance of BSL-3/4 laboratories and isolation wards for highly contagious diseases," adds Thomas Fritsch, CEO of the HT Group.

Already end of May, HT Group will support its customer in Copenhagen with the cycle development and validation of the new material locks with an integrated H2O2-generator. HT Group offers further information on the subject of material locks with the upcomming webinar on June 14th, 2021.

Preparation room decontamination of BSL-3 test room in the innovation center Heideck

H2O2 material lock with integrated gas generator, make HT Group