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Healing Light - the lighting solution for intensive care rooms

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Report in KTM Krankenhaus Technik+Management magazine on the subject of light in the intensive care unit. (German Language)

The Healing Light solution from HT supports the patient's natural sleep rhythm through its circadian progression. Additionally, it can be used as room lighting or treatment light.

The large-area, glare-free luminaire can be mounted on ceilings and walls in standard or special sizes, while an arc-shaped variant on the rear wall ensures a medically perfect beam angle. Due to the division into elements and the extremely flat design of 40mm, retrofitting is also possible without any problems. Optionally, a night light or mood lighting can be created with the integrated RGB corona lighting.

Due to the dense equipment with LEDs (warm white and cool white), the required illuminance of >1,900 lux is achieved at the bed surface.

Delivery and installation includes power supply, cabling and ergonomically designed control terminal.

Bericht des KTM Krankenhaus Technik+Management Magazins


HT Cover Light element