Pioneering with an international presence

HT sales team



Switzerland  // HT Health Tec Swiss · CH – Marly · Service: josef.stadler@htgroup.de · Sales: jelle.vandenwildenberg@htgroup.de 

Poland // Mr Andrzej Szydlowski · Regional Manager · PL – Dzierzoniów · M: andrzej.szydlowski@htgroup.de

Finland Baltic states // Mrs Kaidi Pihla · Regional Manager · EST – Tallinn · M: kaidi.pihla@htgroup.de

Norway // Mrs Mette Dahl · Regional Manager · NO – Oslo · M: mette.dahl@htgroup.de

Russia // Mrs Veronika Khusainova · Regional Manager · RUS – Moscow · M: veronika.khusainova@htgroup.de




India  // Mr Amit Sharma · Regional Manager · IND – Faridabad/New Delhi · M: amit.sharma@htgroup.de

Russia  // Mrs Veronika Khusainova · Regional Manager · RUS – Moscow · M: veronika.khusainova@htgroup.de

Middle East

Qatar  // Mr Khaled Albreidi · Q – Doha · M: khaled.albreidi@htgroup.de

United Arab Emirates  // Mr. Jelle van den Wildenberg ·  VAE – Dubai · M: jelle.vandenwildenberg@htgroup.de


Australia | New Zealand  // AUS/NZL · M: info@htgroup.de

Latin America

Venezuela | Latin america // Mr. Julio Paez Pumar · Regional Manager · VEN – Caracas · M: julio.paezpumar@htgroup.de


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling provides new approaches for the planning and realisation of both construction projects and the operation of buildings. 
The HT Group supports users of the BIM method with modules and interfaces in the planning. Our BIM components are being continuously developed and adjusted to the latest state of technology. Revit components for your BIM model can be requested using the following contact form. ?We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of BIM planning.

Revit-Part for BIM-Model