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Sabah al Ahmad Urology Center

Kuwait, Kuwait

  • Completion: 2012
  • Competences: Operating room  · Intensive care area  · Sterilisation department
  • Solution: 5 ORs · preparation area · recovery area · scrub facilities  · ICU · sterilisation department
  • Design: Sky ceiling  · LC glass
  • Area of ​​Expertise: Urology
  • Material: Metal  · glass
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The special kidney-shaped set-up of the clinic is mirrored in its urological treatment therapies. Due to its round form, larger external surface areas could be assigned to patient rooms and operating rooms, resulting in more light for them. The ocean view is certainly a nice side effect. If it is wished to hide the view in the ORs, the fitted LC glass is ideally suited: It becomes milky white at the press of a button. In addition to five ORs, the complete OR area, with preparation area, recovery area, corridors and doctors' scrub facilities, was produced and installed by HT. A glass and powder-coated stainless steel intensive care unit provides the facilities for perfect patient monitoring. The sterilisation department has been constructed directly in the hospital in order to maintain rapid and short reaction paths.


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