The HT Control system enables the operation and display of parameters and information which are relevant for the monitoring
and control of the room functions in the OR and laboratory sector.

It enables operators of hospitals and laboratories to sustainably handle energy and power resources and
coordinate the appropriate tasks.

The system essentially consists of a central functional unit to which a monitor system, including touch functions, is connected.
HT Control is based on a modular hardware and software structure. This permits a flexible system arrangement of the functional unit
and its extensions according to requirements. The monitor unit is integrated into the HT wall system and thus provides a user interface
directly within the user's working area. The design of the user interface is in accordance with the so-called "TAPCARD" concept.


All applications are displayed in separate interfaces which can be selected via the menu. HT Control currently supports not only the standard room functions such as door, venetian blind, light, signal and climate control but also advanced functions in the audio, live video and image data management sectors both within one and between several ORs.

  • Touch

  • Time

  • Doors

  • Atmosphere

  • Signals

  • Light

  • Alarm

  • Media

  • Phone

  • Lighting

  • Imaging

  • Conferencing


Hygienic installation is combined with intuitive user prompting which can be flexibly and individually adjusted. A large selection of international language versions is available.


Time of the day, timer, elapsed time
With functions such as a time display, stopwatch and elapsed time, HT Control
provides the required information and functions.


Control of the doors, lock functions, venetian blinds/roller blinds, LC glass  
HT Control enables the central control of door and window functions –
both individually and in groups. 


Visualisation of important parameters and input options of standard values such as temperature, humidity and air quality ( e.g. CO2 )
Air differential pressure values, settings of the ventilation

Comprehensive monitoring and regulation of the climate values in an OR has been enabled by taking account of customer-specific requirements.
HT Control can be connected with both on-site sensor systems and internal system components for the recording of values.
The communication with the air conditioning system may be carried out using discrete signals and based on BACnet communication.


Central operation of the room lighting, infinitely variable brightness setting, switching on/off of the OR field illuminators (main and reserve illuminators)
The Light function enables the central control of the illuminator systems in the OR.


Central operation (activation) of the alarm signals, alarm – laser application
alarm – diagnostic systems (X-ray, MRI)

Alarms can be individually activated at various locations in the external area of the OR.
This application may be combined with further functions (for example, the activation of power supplies, automatic closure of the visual protection etc.).


Important parameters at a glance, electric alarms, alarms on gas media, alarms from the air conditioning system
HT Control supports the communication with the building management system. Up to 14 analogue and digital signals can be transmitted and displayed on the HT Control user interface as warning or alarm information or provided as test functions using buttons.
Thus, medical staff are given information in the room regarding deficiencies and breakdowns of important room functions within the electrical, IT, gas and air-conditioning systems through visual and acoustic alarms.

The communication with the nominated systems is possible via discrete cable connections or based on BACnet communication. Project-specific adjustments are possible in order to take into account individual requirements.


BOSE amplification unit, audio playback via two integrated, ceiling-mounted sound systems, infinitely variable volume setting, possibility for the connection of a standard audio player for the playback of audio files

The positive working environment for staff is supported through the playback of individual audio data. The matched BOSE sound system additionally provides a perfect sound.


Professional exchange during treatment, problem-free communication, undisturbed workflow. The Phone application enables a connection to the hospital telephone system. Wireless telephoning can be carried out using a hands-free module.


Central control of room lighting (white light and RGB)

Individual dimming of white light and RGB colours, lighting conditions adjusted to a particular situation, OR illumination control, energy-efficient lighting.

The system provides the option of controlling the room lighting in an infinitely variable manner. Within this the standard white light can be separately selected. For use of additional RGB illumination the three colour areas may be regulated and controlled separately from each other. As an option the Lighting function provides the possibility of pre-defining up to six so-called light scenes (white light and RGB). These may subsequently be directly selected via keys. The defined light scenario is then allocated to all illuminators in the room.


System for the transmission of live video and image data within an OR, intuitive user interface for the section of sources and targets, connection of any number of video and image sources in standard DVI HDSDI data format, possibility of system extension.

HT Imaging is a flexible solution for live video and image transmission in the OR area. The application enables the forwarding of video and image sources to defined output devices. Thus, for example, video scenes of endoscopy systems or image data of diagnostic systems can be transmitted within the OR. Extended communication with external hospital areas is possible using the HT Conferencing module.


System for live video/audio communication within the hospital, integration with HT Imaging for the inclusion of the video sources and output devices in the OR, integration with HT Media for audio playback, special user interface for the entry of target addresses, speed select buttons, functions for the layout selection of the video display in the OR

HT Conferencing enables an IP-based real-time transmission of video/audio data between the OR and defined external points in the hospital. Thus, for example, scenarios such as expert consultations, conferences and teaching events may be supported. The system can also act as the hub of a customer-defined inter-hospital communications structure.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling provides new approaches for the planning and realisation of both construction projects and the operation of buildings. 
The HT Group supports users of the BIM method with modules and interfaces in the planning. Our BIM components are being continuously developed and adjusted to the latest state of technology. Revit components for your BIM model can be requested using the following contact form. ?We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of BIM planning.

Revit-Part for BIM-Model