Hamad Medical City – 3 hospitals in one

Hamad Medical City – 3 hospitals in one

The medical complex, Hamad Medical City in Doha I Qatar, includes a gynaecological clinic, a centre for outpatient and minimally invasive surgery and one for physical and rehabilitative medicine as well as a research centre with an integrated biobank.

HT Group constructed a total of 21 operating rooms with adjoining anterooms, corridors and doctors' scrub facilities, all designed in glass. 

In May 2014 the HT Group obtained the contract for the project Hamad Medical City in Doha. The size of this project demanded a large volume of material. Production started at the beginning of October 2014 at the company headquarters in Heideck. Approximately 8,000 m² of material was produced and supplied in less than one year until September.

Everything made of glass – hygienic and smart

Over the last few years the hospital sector has set new standards. Glass has been introduced as a high-end material in the OR area. Glass may be recommended in the meanwhile and not simply because of its aesthetics. Hygiene is positively supported, as it reduces the risk of contamination with germs. Due to its almost pore-free surface, particles have virtually no points of attack and it withstands common disinfectant and cleaning agents without any problems.
A further advantage is the creation of a pleasant environment. The glass panels can be printed in various colours or with high-resolution images at the user's choice. A combination of three colours was used by HT in the Hamad Medical City: White in the ORs and the corridors together with a dark and light blue.

It was not just the ORs themselves which were produced using glass but also all pre-op and post-op rooms and the corridors in the OR area. In summary, the HT Group produced and installed around 8 000 m² of glass wall panelling, 5 000 m² of which in only three months.

In addition, all medical equipment was integrated flush into the wall system, gas and media connections were concealed behind media flaps and monitors hygienically placed behind the glass.
Fire protection is guaranteed for 60 and 120 minutes in accordance with British standards. The single-pane safety glass used by us has a thickness of 8 mm and is therefore especially shock-resistant.
Not only the walls but also the doors were produced using glass in order to ensure a coherent overall concept.

Light as the central theme

A very special highlight is the LED lighting used in the ORs. A continuous 4 mm wide LED-RBG strip on the upper edge of the wall systems is flush integrated. Coloured lighting scenarios can be adjusted to suit each operation as needed or desired. RGB  illuminators were also used in the ceilings as well as air circulation ceilings for perfect hygiene.
The lighting is controlled by the room management system HT Control which allows hospital operators to make sustainable use of energy and other resources and to coordinate the relevant tasks.
In addition to the lighting, the ventilation, doors, blinds and media can be regulated by HT Control. All 21 ORs are fitted with this system which can be connected directly with the patient data via PACS.

The structure in the background

Another feature is the HT Atlas system, a self-supporting substructure which ensures a flexible installation of all installation modules in the OR ceiling. Supply units, OR illuminators, air circulation ceilings, ventilation apertures and the ceiling itself can be installed independently of the building. A complex design which provides stability between the suspended ceiling and that installed by the client is thus not needed and can be economically replaced by the HT Atlas system.

  • Completion: 2016
  • Competences: Operating room
  • Solution: 21 ORs  · anterooms  · preparation area  · corridors
  • Design: LED lighting · HT Atlas · HT Control · 17 fully integrated OR
  • Material: Glass
  • Protection: Fire protection
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