This year, Steris®, in cooperation with TÜV-Süd, organised the successful series of seminars on the H2O2 fumigation of safety workbenches, filters and rooms with the VHP process in Hamburg. Due to the extremely positive resonance of participants at last year's event, the HT Group was asked again to revalue the seminar program with a presentation this year.

The presentation by Claus Schweinheim, Managing Director of HT Lab Tec GmbH, at this seminar was focused on the construction of BSL-3 laboratories and a successful qualification and validation of a disinfection process for use in a BSL-3 laboratory.

Using the example of the current project of the HT Group – Campus As in Norway – he was able to report on the actual state of the art in the construction of a BSL-3 laboratory. With a total investment of approximately EUR 700 million, Norway will be the leader in veterinary health care. With more than 500 installers on-site, this is currently the largest construction site for BSL-3 facilities in Europe.

During the presentation of a successful qualification process for the validation of a laboratory with hydrogen peroxide via the existing ventilation system using the radial outlets, Mr. Schweinheim explained the difficulties to fulfil the required of a uniform distribution of the disinfection medium, as well as the successful optimisation by means of special nozzle systems. A further topic of his lecture was the presentation of condensation as a source of fumigation and strategies to counter the condensation problem by the choice of the disinfection method or the right material selection.

With almost 60 visitors, this was the highest participation ever in a seminar of the long-standing Steris series, so that during the two-day seminar a very intensive discussion could be held with the participants.

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