New BSL 3 High-Safety Laboratory with Large-Animal Surgery in Norway

HT Group Heideck awarded order to develop, manufacture, supply and assemble components and systems.

HT Group in Heideck (Germany) has received two contracts for the construction of the new teaching and research building of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) on the Ås campus. Mrs Kristin Fevang, Assistant Building Director Statsbygg Norway, and Mr Thomas Fritsch, CEO of HT Group in Heideck, signed the contracts in Oslo at the beginning of July 2017. The volume of orders amounts to approx. € 18 million with a duration of the project of three years. On Ås campus, diverse laboratories, a BSL 3 laboratory, an animal and horse clinic, as well as general training rooms and learning and office workplaces will be built on an area of 63.000 square meters.

The aim of the new building is the relocation of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) as well as the local concentration and merging of NVH with the University of Life Sciences (UMB) on Ås campus. This project offers the unique opportunity to develop an outstanding environment for education and research in the field of life sciences in Norway. The merger between the institutions for a new university and the proximity to the veterinary institute is intended to create a concentrated and professional environment in which professional synergies and an identity-oriented, forward-looking and professionally diversified community are focussed. Principal on campus Ås is the Ministry of Education and Research (KD), also on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (LMD) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (NFD).

For the BSL 3 laboratory, HT Group will design, supply and install the entire containment with laboratories and animal rooms as a modular box-in-box system, which is integrated into the building body currently under construction. In addition to compliance with the tightness requirements of the Canadian BSL standard for the floor, wall and ceiling systems, including doors, locks, material locks and media feed-through, attention is paid to the possibilities for effective decontamination of all installations.

The second contract involves design, production, delivery and assembly of all room systems for the establishment of operating rooms for animals and large animals, e.g. horses. In addition, 247 special doors, partly with dimensions above 5.000 mm, will be supplied and assembled. The entire planning and implementation process is carried out according to the guidelines of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and goes far beyond 3D planning. All wall and ceiling systems, doors, material locks and diving tanks meet high requirements for tightness, material, fire protection, radiation protection and sound. The fumigation locks have chamber dimensions of more than 3.000 mm, considering fire protection requirements and gas-tight design. "As an international manufacturer and project company, HT Group is predestined for the complex project on campus Ås in Norway," said Thomas Fritsch when signing the contract. "With the product portfolio for safety laboratories level 3/4, animal rooms, tight wall and ceiling systems, lock systems, gas-tight doors and fire protection doors, as well as surgery rooms for large animals such as horses, HT fulfils a wide range of competence from a single source."

"By taking this order, HT Group underlines its leading position in the construction of high-safety labs in Europe," Claus Schweinheim, Managing Director of HT Lab Tec GmbH, said during the official project launch in Norway.

Building site of Campus ÅsOverview Campus ÅsSigning of the contract
Mrs Kristin Fevang,
Assistant Building Dir. Statsbygg I NOR
Mr Thomas Fritsch,
CEO of HT Group

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