• Surgical rooms
  • Hybrid surgical rooms
  • Recovery areas and intensive care units
  • Emergency rooms and diagnostic areas
  • Sterilisation departments
  • GMP laboratories in hospitals


  • Door systems with special requirements
  • Touch control for surgical rooms
  • HEPA filter air supply systems
  • Patient bathrooms
  • Patient rooms with ceiling transport system
  • Intermediate care areas
  • Isolation wards


  • Healing light systems
  • Automatic bedpan washer
  • Air filter technology
  • Care furniture
  • Containment for BSL-3 laboratories
  • Containment for BSL-4 laboratories
  • GMP laboratories
  • Isolation wards for highly contagious diseases
  • Animal husbandry facilities for research


  • Tight doors for GMP laboratories
  • Gastight doors for biosafety laboratories
  • Pass-through lock systems
  • HEPA filter technology

Description and use – Fast Track Isolation Ward

As a manufacturer and project developer of operating areas, intensive care units and sterilization units in hospital construction as well as safety laboratories in research buildings, we also offer the combination of these two requirements. We have already been able to build many isolation wards in hospitals and high-security isolation wards worldwide as a functional unit.

Motivated by the Corona crisis, we have designed new functional units for isolation and intensive care treatment, which organise patient, personnel and disposal channels as well. With prefabricated modules including the complete equipment, it is possible to expand the capacity regarding isolation areas and intensive care units – at short notice and cost-effectively.

Both are particularly important at the moment: to isolate suspected cases with mild symptoms, and at the same time to provide patients with severe symptoms with the necessary intensive medical treatment.

Our solution in detail

· Isolation room or intensive care room, depending on the requirements: 
- also, as an isolation ward or intensive care unit with lock / sluice 
- optional patient bath

· Analysis Laboratory

· Personnel area

· Disposal and disinfection area


We produce the functional units in our own plant in Heideck (Germany) in order to transport them to their future location and – depending on the world region – install them with our teams of technicians. This significantly reduces dependencies on long supply chains and service providers. The prefabricated and flexible design concept allows easy adaptation to the hospital building and avoids long construction times, as would be expected in the classic construction method.The solution is suitable from batch size 1. It is possible to realise up to 100 functional units at short notice. The finished units offer the usual, best quality and fulfil their function in hospital operation for at least 25 years.

Concept brochure - prefabricated fast-track insulation stations and analytical laboratory equipment in steel construction

Concept brochure - prefabricated fast-track insulation stations and analytical laboratory equipment in concrete





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